The Do-It-Yourself grooming center is geared toward the pet parents who would rather groom their own pet.  Hydraulic table, clippers, blades, clip on combs, scissors, Notes from the grooming table guide book, combs and brushes. Self-serve bath included in the do it yourself grooming price. We have an Ale’carte menu as well as grooming package.  Bring your own dog shampoo, dog conditioner and towels recieve $3.00 off.

10 do it yourself dog grooming get 11th  FREE.

Pooch Parlor in Spokane has begining grooming classes for those who would like to learn. This class is for pet parents only (if you would like to become a professional groomer go to They are Idaho state certified and the closest to Spokane that I know of.)

Our self-serve dog wash is geared toward those who prefer the “hands on” approach of caring for their pet, as well as those that want to keep a few extra bucks in their pocket.  Waist high tubs, shampoo, conditioner, towels, dryer, brushes, combs and apron are included in the price.  Save an addtional $3.00 if you bring your own dog shampoo, dog conditioner, and towels.

10 self-serve baths get the 11th FREE.

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