Full Service Grooming:

Ears cleaned, nails trimmed, 15 minutes of brushing, haircut, bath and dry. Dematting/deshedding is extra. Professional Bathing Services: Bath,brush,nails,ears,anal glands checked,15 min. brushing. Tidy feet,feathers and sanitary cut. Dematting and deshedding extra.

Face Trims:

Fifi or Fido can’t see? Pooch Parlor offers face trims by appointment. This service consists of trimming around the eyes, visor and muzzle. Great for those "in-between" times.

Paw Trims:

Pooch Parlor will trim the hair around your dogs feet and "ditch" the paw pads to keep them mat free. This service by appointment.

Sanitary Trims:

This service by appointment.

Pooch Parlor Cancellation Policy:

We ask all customers who need to cancel their appointments to do so at least 12 hours in advance so we can fill the appointment.

1st time - you will have to pay 1/2 of the cost of your missed appointment before your next appointment can be made.
2nd time - you will have to pay full price of the missed appointment before your next appointment can be made.
3rd time - we will no longer be able to serve you.

We understand that there are times emergencies arise and you may be unable to call - these will be taken into consideration.
Non-sufficient fund fee is $35.00 plus the cost of the service.